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Elisa Adams

Born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Elisa Adams has lived most of her life on the east coast.

Formerly a nursing assistant and phlebotomist, writing has been a longtime hobby. Now a full time writer, she lives on the New Hampshire border with her three children.
Dark Promises
1. Midnight (2003)
2. Demonic Obsession (2008)
3. Shift of Fate (2008)
4. Flesh and Blood (2009)
5. Tarnished (2009)
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Dreams of the Oasis (with Denise A Agnew, Sylvia Day, Sahara Kelly and B J McCall)
2. Dreams of the Oasis: Volume II (2006)
Storm Siblings
1. Reality Check (2006)
3. Miss Independent (2007)
4. The Whole Shebang (2008)
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Heart of the Storm (2007)
Dark Side (2007) (with Sierra DaFoe, Angela Knight and Willa Okati)
The Hottie Next Door (2009) (with Ruth D Kerce and Shiloh Walker)
Naughtiest Nuptials (2009) (with Alyssa Brooks, Anne Cain, Shayla Kersten, Carol Lynne, Larissa Lyons, Shelley Munro, Lacey Savage and Barbara Sheridan)
A Little Vamp (2013) (with Dminique Adair, Nadia Aidan, Sierra DaFoe and Jane Rylon)
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Series contributed to
19. Timeless Passions (2007) (with Kathleen Scott and Saskia Walker)
22. Dark Whispers (2007) (with Rachel Carrington, Calista Fox and Ellie Marvel)
Anthologies edited
In Moonlight (2005) (with Liddy Midnight and J C Wilder)
Asking for It (2008) (with Kit Tunstall and Joanna Wylde)