book cover of Secrets Volume 4

Secrets Volume 4

(The fourth book in the Secrets series)
A collection of stories by

The Love Slave by Emma Holly
The Love Slave is a woman's ultimate fantasy. For one year, Princess Lily will be attended to by three delicious men of her choice. While she delights in playing with the first two, it's the reluctant Grae, with his powerful chest, black eyes and hair, which stir her desires.
Enslaved by Desiree' Lindsey
Lady Crystal Halverton's is in turmoil in Enslaved. Lord Nicholas Summer's airs of danger, dark passions, and irresistible charm have brought her long-hidden desires to the surface. Will he give her the one thing she desires before it's too late?
The Bodyguard by Susan Paul & Betsy Morgan
Kaki York is The Bodyguard. Watching the wild, erotic romps of her client's sexual conquests on the security cameras is getting to her and her partner, the ruggedly handsome James Kulick.Can she resist his insistent desire to have her?
An Act of Love by Jeanie Cesarini
In An Act of Love, Shelby Moran's past haunts her and left her terrified of sex. International film star Jason Gage is hired to

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