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Forbidden Desires

(Book 16 in the Secrets series)
A collection of stories by

SECRETS VOLUME 16:FORBIDDEN DESIRES 0-9754516-6-9 / 978-0-9754516-6-3 FEATHERSTONE, CHARLOTTE Seduction of the Muse: He is the Dark Lord, the mysterious author who pens the erotic tales of an innocent woman's seduction. She is his muse, the woman he watches from the dark shadows, the woman whose dreams he invades at night - the only woman who can reach through his darkness and love him, scarred body and soul. GILMOORE, SHERI BUNKO Life is but a roll of the dice. A story about the masks people use to obtain their darkest, most basic, desires - love and sex. Tu Tran has a dilemma: which man will she go home with tonight? Forced to decide between Jack, a man, who promises to share every aspect of his life with her, or Dev, the man, who hides behind a mask and only offers night after night of erotic sex. Tu is torn between what everyone tells her she wants and what she knows she truly needs. Will she take the gamble of the dice and choose the man, who can see behind her own mask and expose her true desires? EDEN, CYNTHIA Never Enough For the last three weeks, Abby McGill has been playing with fire. She has become Jake Steele's lover, and bad-boy Jake has taught her the true meaning of desire. Abby knows she has to end her relationship with him - Jake is her father's worst enemy, the man who almost destroyed McGill Properties. But Jake isn't about to let the woman he wants walk away from him, and, even if he has to use a bit of sensuous blackmail, he will keep his lady, because he just can't get enough of Abby... GAEL, CHEVON Hide and Seek "Millionaire's son Kyle DeLaurier ditches his trophy-fiance in favor of a tropical paradise full of tall, tanned, topless females. Private eye, Darcy McLeod, is on the trail of this runaway groom. Together they sizzle while playing Hide and Seek with their true identities. But will destiny send Kyle back to the altar, or into Darcy's arms for good?"

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