book cover of Making Babies for My Harem

Making Babies for My Harem

(Book 29 in the Bred by Her Harem series)
A novel by

What they asked of me was unthinkable, insane! What was really crazy, though, was how quickly I told them I’d do it!

This beautiful young woman expects she’ll be helping a very wealthy man to organize the library on his estate. When she arrives, though, she discovers he has two close friends who live there with him. He’s also got her to his house under false pretenses. The library doesn’t need her attention, these three sexy older men do! They want her to live at the estate, to be a wife to all three of them, and to give them babies! She’s known them for less than an hour! She has no idea why she agrees but she does. What will come from this unexpected reverse harem breeding romance?

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