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My Brother's Teammates

A novel by

My ex kicked me out on the night we were supposed to move in together.
So now I'm crashing with my big bro and his trio of football titans.

I've been Jason's nerdy little sister since forever.
He's the quarterback heartthrob, and I'm the resident book hermit.
But hold tight, 'cause life just threw a Hail Mary—I'm the new roomie.
And in a lightning-fast 24 hours, I caught all three of Jason's BFFs in their birthday suits.

Axel Fitzgerald is tall, dangerously flirty, and built for football.
With his smooth Irish lilt, he has probably melted half the panties on St. Ida’s campus.
He has also been my brother’s best friend throughout his entire college career.
That's about to change now that he��s been sneaking into my shower every morning.

Hudson Dupont is a hot-as-sin rich boy, whose last name graces all the buildings at our school.
He's used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it.
I just never imagined that the thing he wanted most was for me to wear nothing but his numbered jersey.

Ryder Tuff, the team's bad boy, has always regarded me with disdain.
He insists he wants nothing to do with me, even as he pulls me closer against his wall of muscles in the dark.
But when his tough exterior crumbles and he starts calling me his "little kitten,"
I know we are ALL in a world of trouble.

Getting involved with these three football Gods is the last thing I ever wanted.
And when they promise me that this is NOT just another game to them,
I'm terrified that this scandal might break my heart all over again.

Besides, they ALL might hate me when they find out that sleeping with my brother’s best friends isn't the only secret that I am keeping…

18+ only. This is a standalone college football reverse harem romance with no cheating and an HEA.

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