book cover of Mafia Daddy\'s Tiny Little Doll

Mafia Daddy's Tiny Little Doll

(Book 29 in the Mafia Daddies Ruthless Possession series)
A novel by

I meet the sexiest man possible and decide I want him to be my first. I never imagine just how dangerously sexy this man will turn out to be!

“I imagine him on top of me. I imagine his dark eyes that seem dangerous at almost all times except for when he smiles at me. Then, they twinkle and… Well, they still look dangerous but they look like the kind of dangerous a girl can be happy about because they’re dangerous on her behalf, dangerous to everyone who might mess with her.

I imagine his muscular body moving and me beneath him just completely overwhelmed. I think about his incredible chest and strong arms that could lift me up like I am just a feather.”

Donnie is sexy as hell.
Donnie is handsome as hell.
Donnie is perfect.
And he’s a Daddy!
I can’t believe I’m so lucky.
Then I learn exactly who and what he is.
Now the danger he exudes seems serious.
Now he’s not just seemingly strong and dangerous.
I don’t know if I can live the life he lives.
But I know for a fact I can’t give him up.

Find out in Mafia Daddy’s Tiny Little Doll, the next exciting tale in the sexy, steamy age gap DDlg mafia romance series Mafia Daddy’s Ruthless Possession!

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