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(The first book in the Mort series)
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Self destructive. Self loathing. Self harming.
Tristan is at the end of his rope.
Ready to meet his end.
But the reaper who comes for him does not take his soul.
He saves his life.

Gifted. Precious. Beautiful.
The moment Mort lays his empty eyes on Tristan, the reaper of souls knows he must save this one.
Tristan is a hot mess.
Mort is a cool, calm dominant.
Tristan can see demons…
Wait. Tristan can see demons?

Tristan is the only mortal Mort has ever met with such a gift, and Mort soon becomes fascinated with this uncontrollably reckless, sensitive, wonderful, awful mortal man.

Tristan is shocked to have met someone who can stand being around him for more than five minutes, someone who seems to find him not only interesting, but actually lovable. Not to mention, someone who can take him in hand and tame him down when he needs it.

There’s just one problem.
Besides Tristan��s many, many problems.
Tristan is marked.
You could say cursed.
He bears the seal of a secret god.
To possess his mortal mate, Mort must eliminate that claim before he can fully take Tristan as his own.
No amount of supernatural interference will be enough to stop a very grim reaper willing to do anything to possess his chosen mate.

Mort has taken millions of lives. The next one will belong to a god.

(Mort is a dark romance with themes of dominance, punishment, possession, and matters of mental health. Please consider the first four sentences of the blurb a trigger warning.)

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