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Alice Raine

Alice Raine was born in London and educated in Manchester, but now spends her time moving from place to place around the world exploring, teaching and writing. Wherever she is based, Alice lives with her ever-suffering but hugely supportive husband, their dog, and a crazy wild cat who keeps the whole household on its toes. Childhood was one long made-up story for Alice, with days often spent creating stories in her head. Mundane car journeys turned into a voyage of a secret stow away hidden under a blanket, and climbing a tree would become the challenge of scaling the wall of a magical castle. Originally qualified as an archaeologist, Alice soon realised that jobs in this sector were minimal and decided to put her enthusiasm to use by becoming a teacher. Now Alice splits her time between teaching and engaging her wildly overactive imagination by writing. Music is a huge influence in Alice's writing, she listens to everything from Snow Patrol and Linkin Park to Evanescence and REM. Alice enjoys writing a wide range of genres including comical real life stories and youth paranormal fantasy, but her first published novels are the adult themed series Untwisted.
   1. The Darkness Within Him (2014)
   2. Out of the Darkness (2014)
   3. Into the Light (2014)
   3.5. Christmas with Nicholas (2015)
   4. Enlightened (2015)
   4.5. Christmas with Nathan (2015)
   5. The Final Twist (2017)
   Christmas With The Jacksons (2017)
   1. Unmasked (2015)
   2. Unravelled (2016)
   3. Unveiled (2016)
   4. Undone (2016)
Sinful Treats
   1. Sinful Seduction (2017)
   2. Sinfully His (2019)
Club Twist
   1. Wolfe's Lair (2018)
   2. A Price To Pay (2018)
   3. Crashing To a Halt (2021)