book cover of Soft Skills

Soft Skills

(The fifth book in the Office Toy series)
A Novella by

M/M/M/F (three men, one woman). Includes public punishment and publicly submitting to a stranger at the command of her dominant boss.

An office hazing leaves Elle feeling vulnerable, and she finds herself defying her three bosses, secretly begging to be taken in hand so that order will be restored to her world.

Cunningham teaches Elle a lesson...on the side of the road.

She squirms in front of the growing crowd, and she can't believe her ears when Cunningham calls for volunteers to restrain her. She loves his dominance, but the second it's over she defies him again.

His response shocks her. Before the week is over, everything Elle thought she knew about Cunningham, Jonathan, and Nolan is turned upside down, and none of their lives will never be the same.

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