book cover of The Beasts\' Breeding Dungeon

The Beasts' Breeding Dungeon

(A book in the Overlord's Depraved Tales series)
A Novella by

Ava and Michelle are enjoying the trip of a lifetime travelling through Europe visiting the fashion capitols of the world, London, Paris, Milan. They encounter a dark, handsome and charismatic stranger one night in Milan, against their better judgment the women follow him, starved for sex and seeking the promise of a good time. The attractive stranger brings them to a medieval keep, an evil looking castle filled with unimaginable horrors and sexual depravity. The women will be under the direct control of The Overlord as they join his collection of beautiful young female sex slaves. Their bodies are to be sacrificed to the grotesque beasts held deep in The Overlord's dungeons. If they are lucky, The Overlord will chose them for his own personal pleasures.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

"I am The Overlord," he whispered, his voice rasping as he spoke.

"Do you have a real name?" Ava asked, unable to stop herself.

The Overlord titled his head as if studying her. "I do."

"Are you going to share it?"


"Why am I here?"

"I summoned you."

Ava had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. If this monster was going to fuck her or kill her, she just wished he would get on with it already. Her hopes of escaping and making it back to Drew were vanishing by the second.

The Overlord moved towards her, his eyes running over her appreciatively. He stroked one of his horns absentmindedly. Standing behind the couch he ran a cold hand along her shoulders, skimming over the bare skin exposed on her back.

"Yes, you are perfect," he murmured.

Ava shuddered again with repulsion.

"I have been waiting for a human like you. You will be my pet, cucciola mia."

Ava bristled at the tender Italian phrase. Such a phrase was meant for lovers, not for this monster to say to her.

"I will take you for my own. I will fuck you until I own you and you will do as I say. I will watch you fuck other monsters for my enjoyment and you will please me by obeying. You will enjoy fucking these hideous creatures and you will love the pleasure it brings me. When they are finished with you, I will take you again, reminding you that you are mine. If you are truly lucky, I will breed you and you will grow my seed in your belly. I will treat you like a princess when we are alone so long as you act a whore when we mate."

Ava's stomach churned at his words, and she turned her head so he wouldn't see her tears. The Overlord sat beside her, gently tipping her chin to face him.

"Do you like this arrangement, Ava the Human?"

"No," Ava said in a small voice, turning away again.

The Overlord smiled an ugly smile. "But you will. Soon you will beg me to fuck you. Beg me to push my rock-hard cock into your warm, soft pussy. And it will be an honor."

Ava shook her head stubbornly, wanting to be anywhere but here.

"But first we must get you ready. First we must make you desire me more than the air that you breathe."

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