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Once upon a time there was civilization. Billions of people inhabited this planet, the third from the sun. They lived and multiplied. It isn\'t clear how they came to their demise. There are few records left to explain such a fact. Some say it was a natural disaster. Some say they ran out of food. There is an argument that the climate changed and became uninhabitable. Others say there is proof that they fought until they destroyed themselves. Whatever the reason, human life on the third planet ceased to exist.

But, not completely. The exact winter isn\'t recorded, but Nuworld is now abundant with life.

They lack trust and are superstitious of each other. It is clear that all races on this planet must unite. As long as each nation continues to try and destroy all other nations it is inevitable that once again, human beings will terminate themselves.

Join Tara, heir to all Runner clans, as she takes on the dominating, aggressive Gothman leader and fights for equality and love in this futuristic fantasy romance.

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