book cover of The Tower

The Tower

(The first book in the Erotic Bedtime Stories series)
A Novella by

New York Times Bestselling Author, Lisa Valdez brings her formidable skills as a writer of erotic romance to this novella-length retelling of the classic fairytale, RAPUNZEL.

Trapped in a tower by a witch who claims to be her mother, Rapunzel has led a lonely life. Now, grown into a young woman, she is plagued by desires she has no idea how to fulfill. But everything changes when a handsome prince climbs through her tower window and feeds the hunger she had thought insatiable.

On a quest for a Golden Chalice, Prince Rodrigo is convinced Rapunzel is there to distract him from finding the Chalice. He thinks to use her for his pleasure, take what he has come for, and be on his way. But when Rapunzel proves to be more than an erotic diversion, Rodrigo must face the realities of her captivity by a witch who is definitely not her mother.

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