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(The tenth book in the Dr. Richards' Littles series)
A Novella by

A talented, young mechanic's new boss offers him the opportunity for an entirely different life. Will he be brave enough to listen to his heart?

Tony needs this job. He needs it badly. When he applies for a mechanic's job at a local repair shop, it seems to be a perfect match for the boss' plans to expand his business. As the sexual tension grows between the two men, he discovers that Rob is searching for a special kind of relationship.

Attracted to his handsome, young employee, Rob Harris is willing to offer him a job with a place to stay and food to eat, without any strings attached. Quickly, he discovers that Tony is his exact match, his Little. When the young man reveals his attraction to Rob, the garage owner introduces him to life as a cherished Little. Rob can only hope the love growing between them can convince Tony to stay.

Some of the characters from the first nine novels in this series reappear to continue their stories. You do not need to listen to the stories in order. All are complete stories. The books in this series will feature invasive medical treatments, including thorough examinations and enemas, when required, as well as diaper changes, spankings, and other punishments. If you are offended by age play (adults who choose to live as a Little or a parent of a Little) or dubious consent, this is not the book for you.

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