book cover of Haunted Love

Haunted Love

(The first book in the Love Possessed series)
A novel by

Falling in love would be a whole lot easier if it weren’t for all the damn ghosts getting in the way.

I know my job is bizarre, and people think I’m crazy. You see, I buy haunted houses since I can get them at rock-bottom prices. From there, I simply evict the ghosts, fix up the homes, and then sell them at a nice profit with a “no ghost, money back guarantee”. Normally I make a killing. Except that I’ve sunk all my money into a massive seacoast mansion, and the ghosts haunting this place are not playing nice. They’re in no hurry to cross into the light, and if I can’t get rid of them, then there’s no chance I’ll be able to sell the place and get my money back, let alone make a profit.

The only thing going right at the moment is Kieran—a sexy science teacher who’s spending his summer swinging a hammer on my job site. I can’t remember the last time I went on a date, let alone had anyone in my bed. But Kieran’s been damn hard to resist, and when the ghosts get violent, I’m glad to have him by my side. Yet the spirits haunting this place are kicking my ass, and if I can’t get them to cross over, not only will I never make it back to Kieran’s arms, but we may all pay the price.

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