book cover of Tamed


(A book in the Dangerous Curves series)
A Novella by

Real men love curves.
Curvy is smexy.

For a long time, Danielle Thomas was very confident about her size, her look, and her social life. After all, she has the most amazing man, Brian Ellis, as the love of her life. However, Brian called off their engagement because he wants to honor his late mother by having his bride wear his mother's wedding gown. Uh-oh. Danielle could starve herself to death but she isn't going to squeeze into size four anytime soon. Like never. She's a naturally big girl. Crushed emotionally, Danielle begins to avoid romance and men altogether and that makes Kate worry. As her best friend, she wants Danielle to be happy. So, what better way to get Danielle over her ex-fiance than hook her up with some hot, single man?

Kate hears there's a phantom website called "Dangerous Curves" that will match big, beautiful women with extremely sexy, hunky men, but only if they were deemed worthy of getting laid. Without Danielle's permission, Kate enters Danielle's information. As soon as Kate pushes enter, Danielle is magically teleported to where her dates await. Yeah. Dates. Not just one, but two men - tall, dark, and twins, Dane and Collin. They like to share their woman, among other naughty things.

But that's not the best part. Dane and Collin are actually weretigers. They love Danielle for her curves and who she is, and most importantly - they play for keeps.

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