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Myla Jackson

A pseudonym used by Elle James

Myla Jackson began writing in 3rd grade when she penciled a story about a princess in a castle in a magical land. She's been telling stories ever since. Her parents can verify, but I wouldn't ask them about their gray hair! It took the turn of the century for her to seriously pursue her writing. Her older sister, Delilah Devlin, (that's right, she's the older one!) challenged her to write a romance novel and together they began the journey to publication.
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Masters of Desire (2009) (with Layla Chase and Shayla Kersten)
Dreams of the Oasis Volume I (2006) (with Nicole Austin, Paige Cuccaro, Allyson James, Liddy Midnight and Jory Strong)
Shadow Warrior (2006) (with Layla Chase, Delilah Devlin and Betty Hanawa)
Night Whispers: Volume I (2006) (with Vivi Anna, Delilah Devlin and Leigh Wyndfield)
Jacq's Warlord (2007) (with Delilah Devlin)
Wild, Wild Women of the West (2007) (with Layla Chase and Delilah Devlin)
Feral Fixation (2007) (with Delilah Devlin, Jory Strong, N J Walters and Mary Winter)
Wild Winter (2008) (with T J Michaels, Liddy Midnight, Cricket Starr, Ravyn Wilde and Mary Winter)
Wild, Wild Women of the West II (2008) (with Layla Chase and Delilah Devlin)
Men in Blue (2009) (with Delta Dupree and Devyn Quinn)
Altered States (2009) (with Layla Chase, Delilah Devlin and Betty Hanawa)
Every Which Way (2015) (with Candace Blevins, Cathryn Fox, Annabel Joseph and Sasha White)
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