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Masters of Desire

An omnibus of novels by

"Pirate of Mystique Island" by Myla Jackson

A magnificent man rises from the sea before the siren Melodie and she is enchanted in an instant. Lord Rafe Herrington is naked, his skin a shimmering blue, his muscles outlined by silvery rivulets. She longs to trace the water's path. . .down, down, down. . .and caress him tenderly. A deep spell binds him prisoner, but a shattering climax can free him. . .

"Ghostly Legacy" by Layla Chase

Know me. Know my body. Reidun's whispered command arouses a potent response in her Norwegian warlord. He vows to give her the utmost pleasure. . .until fate parts them forever. Then a modern woman hears his voice as she wanders through an ancient castle--and the warlord lives--and loves--once more. . .

"Keket's Curse" by Shayla Kersten

Given as a handmaiden to the ancient temple of Goddess Hathor, Jamila's body and beauty mesmerize all men. Cursed by a jealous priestess, she can never be truly satisfied--until centuries later, still young, still beautiful, she is saved by David. His kiss explodes her bonds--and sexual ecstasy is next. . .

Warning! This is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit)

By day, Shayla Kersten is a mild-mannered accountant. By night, she's a writer of sexy romances. A native of Arkansas, Shayla spent four years in the Army as a missile specialist. After her enlistment was up, she lived in New York City taking a bite out of the Big Apple, and in 1995, she returned to her roots in Arkansas. Shayla now divides her time between her mother, her spoiled rotten dogs, her dratted day job and her obsession--writing. And no, her mother doesn't know what she writes. That's between Shayla, her dogs and her readers!

Paperback Editions

January 2009 : USA Paperback

Title: Masters of Desire
Author(s): Layla Chase, Myla Jackson, Shayla Kersten
ISBN: 0-7582-2549-0 / 978-0-7582-2549-8 (USA edition)
Publisher: Aphrodisia
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