book cover of Fools For Lust

Fools For Lust

A collection of stories by

I would pay more to have in print to keep on my bookshelf and revisit from time to time. I think I would need xanax if I read it cover to cover. Remember me saying his books may depress you a little? But for times when I am in the mood for a little bit of dark and dangerous, this fits the bill in crime noir and erotica categories. - Simply Erotic Reviews

From one of the greatest and most popular literary erotica writers of today, highlighted by TIME OUT LONDON amongst the top 20 in the genre comes a major collection of short stories gathering some of his best and sexiest stories.

Moving between London, New York, Paris, New Orleans and tropical beaches these are dangerous tales of sexuality and emotions unbound, combining sex and mystery, despair and tenderness and guaranteed to shock and delight the reader's senses in the most extreme way.
Jakubowski's unique brand of erotica - call it 'erotica noir' - offers a edge-of-your-seat stories that are sure to arouse and alarm.

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