book cover of Bounds of Passion

Bounds of Passion

(The first book in the Bound series)
A Novella by

Popular erotica writer Lucia Jordan brings you the first short story in her new 'Bound' series.

This short story (approx. 4,400 words) contains adult content, hot sex and mild BDSM themes so only check it out if you are ready to get very, very excited.

Contains bonus passage from next book in the series, 'Bound Together'.


Lydia Westwood has a libido that can't be calmed, and no one can satisfy her. Frustrated with the lack of pleasure she gets from her men, Lydia turns to the world of BDSM, and meets the handsome and mysterious Jack Riding, whose skills and expertise just might give Lydia the orgasm she's been craving. As she learns more about Jack and falls for this rich and mysterious man, what will ultimately be the cost?


Teaser Excerpt:

"Then we shall start at the beginning, as is correct," he said, as he pointed towards the strange curved table. "Drape yourself over that," he said. "Bottom up."
Lydia crossed the room self-consciously to the soft, padded table and rested her toned stomach over the curve. It was surprisingly comfortable and she felt no muscle strains at all leaning over it. She had just allowed herself to relax when Jack's hand came down upon her with the force of an express train and smacked her on the backside.
"Ow!" she cried reacting without even meaning to. She couldn't believe how much that hurt. She fought to gather herself as a second blow, on the other cheek slapped her back into shock and pain radiated across her buttocks. Then came both hands at once, making hot contact with her sore skin, following the smacks with squeezes that would at any other time be sensual.
It was this moulding of her flesh that made Lydia pause. The heat of the pain was transforming. As her backside was warmed, tiny nerve pulses seemed to be travelling from her wounded flesh to her sex, and she gasped in surprise.
"Shall I go on?" a sarcastic voice above her said.
"Yes," she nodded, and immediately the spanking became harder, faster, almost frenzied. Pain rained down on her backside, but even as it did so, the blossoming feeling turned from pain to all-consuming warmth. She felt her sex open slightly as if in response to the feeling, and the more Jack touched her, even though it was intended to hurt her, made her want him all the more. Gradually, the slaps stopped, as if Jack's arm was tiring.
"How does that feel?" he asked, massaging her buttocks with both hands - avoiding her sex completely.
"Nice... Nicer than I expected," she replied, wondering if it was all over.
"Good," he said. "Then you'll be fine with what comes next,"

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