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Naughtily Ever After

(A book in the Naughtily Ever After series)
A novel by

Glass Slipper: When Julien Auvrey promises to help his goddaughter snag a prince, he has no idea that the squalling infant he held in his arms nineteen years ago has turned into a beautiful young woman. Once he sees Josephine, he knows that she's just what the prince wants in a woman... and just the type of woman that Julien wants in his bed. But Julien is a life-long bachelor, and Josephine deserves more than just a brief affair. With his help, she'll blossom into a wife fit for the prince - in and out of the bedchamber. Josephine Thevenet wants nothing more than to be quit of her father's crumbling house, her stepmother's temper, and her two obnoxious stepsisters. Notorious seducer Julien Auvrey appeals to her desire for escape, and plenty of her other desires, as well. When etiquette lessons turn to carnal instruction, Josephine fears she will lose her heart before she can win the prince. Julien can't deny the raw heat between him and Josephine, but he also can't deny the promise he made to her father. To possess Josephine, Julien must betray his friend, and give up his own life of indulgence. Can he truly ask Josephine to turn her back on the chance to be princess for nights of endless pleasure? Can he trust himself to love her as she deserves? Giant: Andras Karlaff is a man outcast, due to his unusually large size and gruff demeanor. He's never answered to anyone - but he's never met anyone like Jacqueline, the first tax collector in the kingdom he hasn't been able to send fleeing in terror. Her beauty ignites him, her stubbornness infuriates him. Her compassion might break his heart. Her Royal Highness Princess Jacqueline knows she can't go on pretending to be a commoner forever, but after an erotic night with Andras, she wishes she could. With a fiance waiting for her at court and her father, the tyrannical king, running out of patience, she knows she must eventually tell Andras the truth. But can Andras love a princess as much as he loves a peasant? Jacqueline knows that every day she remains missing is another day she will have to account for, while Andras dreads they day she leaves him to his solitude. Protecting their love requires sacrifice, but it could be the difference between life and death... Beast: Accused of treason by his own father, Prince Philipe of Chevudon finds his flight to safety cut short by an arrow to the shoulder. There is only one person to whom he can turn for help, the only woman he ever loved, the only person he ever truly betrayed... Following the destruction of her home and family in a fire that left her horribly disfigured, Johanna has lived a life of hardship and pain. When her lost love comes to her, wounded and on the run from his father's guard, she cannot turn him away. But she cannot forgive him either. Can a prince who was once a beast earn back the love he cast aside?

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