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Patrice Spencer never thought she was a werewolf until a Shaman name Jackson told her she'd turn into a wolf at the next full moon. The dark-eyed, black-haired Jackson is a to-die-for male but when Patrice meets Alain Dupree, she knows he's her match.Alain came to Arizona when his father died. He senses another werewolf, a female, and his lonely heart cries out for her. A pesky coyote shifter named Jackson says he can help Alain not only have Patrice, but find out who killed Alain's father.Coyote Jackson loves to mess with the affairs of humans and this time he's hit the jackpot. Alain and Patrice need each other, and Jackson will do everything in his power to bring them together - even if it means having sex with both of them, as many times as it takes.