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Hot Chances

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Chance of a Lifetime By Joey W. Hill It's a night for adventure, for pushing the limits. Well, breaking them actually. Stacie can't believe she's stolen her escort's Porsche to go back road joyriding. But damn, it feels good to cut loose from her life for one precious night. It's just her lousy luck she catches the eye of an off duty cop. Just her luck, indeed. Being reprimanded by Lieutenant Jake Chance, the sexiest man she's ever seen, makes her want to break a few more laws. She's going to throw caution to the wind and see if she can seduce her cop to go over the limits with her. Way over. If Jake Chance is willing to hold her in his arms, Stacie knows she'll have a memory to last her a lifetime. She just wishes dawn would never come, because when it does, she'll have to let him go. A Little Less Conversation By Rhyannon Byrd Travel agent Melanie Green has an unimpressive track record when it comes to relationships with men. But when it comes to local bar owner Mark Logan, Mel knows she could never settle for being a comforting gal pal. Mark's the one tall, strong, and wickedly seductive, with a mischief-made smile and soft green eyes that melt her every damn time she sees him. She wants him in her bed, wants the heavy press of his hard, hot body holding her down...and then she wants him to show her just why he's considered Foggy Bottom Beach's most delicious attraction. He's gorgeous, captivating, and far too experienced but damn it, a gal can dream, can't she? And then one day, the impossible happens. Instead of returning her smile through the front window of his bar, Mark walks across the street...and into her office! Now the man she wants most stands right before her, and Melanie knows this is her golden opportunity. But paradise never comes easy. Before misconceptions and misunderstandings destroy her dreams, Mel must convince the local hunk that despite her reputation, she's ready for a little less conversation...and a helluva lot more body language.