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(The sixth book in the Blue Collar Bad Boys series)
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My name is Sergeant Charlie Warner.

Or it was.

I'm a retiring soldier, just got out, with no family of my own, and I reluctantly agreed to spend the holidays in picturesque Maple Grove to transition to life after the Army. I'm a drifter now and have no business getting involved with my buddy's family - especially with his sweet little sister who pretends she's frumpy and boring to ward off attention from men.

Men like me.

I have no plans for Emily other than being an extra brother for a week. That's what I tell myself. I really should let her be, but the harder she tries to hide, the more determined I am to seek. Under those baggy clothes and plain, simple looks is a woman who deserves to know how desirable she is. She thinks I can have any woman I want.

And I want her.

Author's Confession: You must know by now that I love my tropes, right? Military romance, older man/younger woman, opposites attracting like whoa, small town, older brother's best friend, ugly duckling who's really a swan (though an introverted swan), holiday romance complete with snow, Santa suits, and caroling during a fight scene. Oh, and pudding. Let's get figgy with it.

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