book cover of The Billionaire Maharajah\'s Concubine

The Billionaire Maharajah's Concubine

(The fifth book in the Naughty Nymphomaniac series)
A Novella by

Mika Jamison's fortunes take a turn for the better when her hot but volatile Navy SEAL, Ben, asks her to marry him in Reno. Or have they really?

Torn between not being ready for marriage and wanting to please someone who will love her forever, Mika goes down to the gaming tables at her hotel. There, she meets Maharajah Tarsem Khan. He is rich, handsome and he offers her a contract - to allow her luscious body to make him an heir for five million dollars, but she must walk away from her baby forever.

But Ben loves her. How will he react to this, and will Mika make the right choice?

This 15,000 word breeding erotica story is Volume FIVE of the NAUGHTY NYMPHOMANIAC series.

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The Billionaire Maharajah's Concubine (NEW!)

"I'm not going to sleep with you, Mr. Khan," I say bluntly.

"Wait till you hear what I have to say first. You are too young to rush headlong into marriage, Ms. Jamison, and that is essentially what you are doing. Especially with a man you hardly know." He holds up a palm to silence my protest. "I know you'll say it's none of my business, but hear me out first. You are right. It is none of my business what you do with your life. However, you should know that I am offering you another option."

"An option?"

This line of conversation is making me very uneasy, especially since his eyes dip down now and again to my revealed breasts. Well, OK, this never bothered me before. I usually like men ogling my tits. But all this has changed now that I've met Ben.

"Yes," he says. "I would very much like you to be my concubine, Ms. Jamison. I would very much like to get you with child. I think you will produce very beautiful children, and you certainly have the wide hips to do it."

He gazes at my hips and I consciously squeeze my legs shut. I wish I had worn something longer.

"A concubine?" I repeat. That is extremely archaic. Do they still exist? "But why would I want to be your concubine, Mr. Khan? You're a nice man, no offense, but I have a gorgeous man waiting for me upstairs. He loves me and wants to marry me. Why should your option appeal to me at all?"