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As you can see from my photo, I love writing erotic cowboy romance, and then meeting my fans at conferences. This was taken in Kansas City in May 2013, at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention . In addition to hearing feedback from my loyal readers, I chatted with the cover models, attended workshops, and got enthused about writing even more.

When I grew up my main source of entertainment included having my head stuck in a great book. Only after my children were older did I realize I was a born storyteller. I love to create characters with interesting reasons why they have the flaws that their partner(s) will help heal. They end up Happily Ever After, but not without a few bumps along the road.

As the Bride Train series, set in Tanners Ford, Montana in the 1870s, is so popular, it allowed me to retire from my day job of writing and editing science. Im now writing, and researching, romance full time.

While I still spend lots of time at a keyboard, its in the comfort of my own home (unless Im off on a research trip to Montana, or Texas, or). I use all my senses when Im researching , and then add my very active imagination to figure out what could happen to a couple of hunky men and a feisty heroine.

My research has brought me to cowboy country to investigate the history of the west, and Montana in particular. I love meeting wonderful peopleranchers, readers, and moreas well as having memorable experiences I would never have expected.

Some of the things that happened to me will likely appear in future novels. Perhaps a heroine will be charged by a bull (only got a few deep scratches), ride a flooded river in an inflatable boat with her feet hanging off the bow (Rosebud River), or even go over the edge of a very high hill in a pickup without brakes.
   1. Cowboy Sandwich (2009)
   2. Cowboy Double-Decker (2010)
Climax, Montana
   1. The Merry Widow of Tanner's Ford (2013)
   2. Having It All (2013)
   3. The Bartered Bride (2013)
   4. No Strings Attached (2014)
   5. Lustful Intentions (2015)
Highland Menage
   1. Captive Bride (2015)
   2. Captive Love (2015)
   3. A Lady's Seduction (2015)
   4. A Lady's Vengeance (2015)
   5. An Eager Widow (2015)
   6. A Perfect Wife (2015)
   7. King's Pawn (2015)
   8. King's Knight (2015)
   9. Bedding the Enemy (2015)
   10. Loving the Enemy (2015)