book cover of Triad


(The ninth book in the Battle Born series)
A Novella by

Letos, a notorious technomage, along with the other two members of the Triad must calm the people of Rodymia and prove that a new kind of government can work for a planet that has only known tyranny. As if that's not challenging enough, into his life strolls Mirella, the enigmatic Bilarrian Ambassador. Letos wants her with an all-consuming passion, yet he senses deceit, and one wrong move at this point could reignite the fires of war.

Mirella has lived her entire life in the shadow of others. She is sent to Rodymia under false pretenses, never expecting to encounter her mate. But once she sees Letos, inhales his scent and experiences his taste, her heart will accept no other outcome than bonding with the other half of her soul. She knows he wants her too, but can their budding affection survive her deception? Or will the secrets hidden in her past destroy any hope of peace between their worlds?

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