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My life has changed dramatically over the last two years. And in this spring of 2013, after squestering myself away to attend to very personal matters, I find its time to start something new and venture back into the world. Im a writer, a business owner, a mom, a grandmother and a dreamer, with a rich fantasy life that Ive had the privilege to share with my readers for over twenty years. I've penned a lot of books, and who knows, I may be penning more. For now, this blog is intended as a place to share my thoughts and my writing. If you want to know more about me check out my post from March 29, 2013, or the link to my Lizbeth page on the Pink Flamingo website.
The Applicant (1992)
Caroline's Contract (1993)
Spanish Holiday (1993)
In the Forest of the Night (1995)
Outer Island (1995)
The Passions Of Gwendolyn (1995)
Surrender (1995)
Trinkets (1995)
Crimes and Lovers (1997)
Of Castles and Curses (1997)
Burning Confessions (1998)
Chaos in Paradise (1998)
Dante's Heat (1998)
Justice For A Thief (1998)
Silence in the Cellar (1998)
The Applicant Ii - The Mistress of Sparrowhawk (1999)
The Marquis' Book of Pleasure (1999)
Intoxication (2000)
Extremes (2000)
The Barmaid & The Blacksmith (2000)
Bounty Hunter (2002)
The Abduction of Veronica X (2004)
The Humiliation of Hannah (2004)
Betrayal of the Virgin Bride (2006)
Demise of the Diva (2006)
Farewell My Innocent (2006)
Maid To Order (2006)
Masters of the Club (2006)
Poor Little Rich Slut (2006)
Reckless Disregard (2006)
The Scandalous Demise of Lily Lake (2006)
Thy Neighbor's Wife (2006)
Adam and Eden (2006)
Nurse Nancy Misbehaves (2006)
Pagan Dreams (2006)
The Saga of a Naughty Lady (2006)
The Truth About Marianne (2006)
Wayward Angel (2006)
White Silk, The Enslavement of Michelle Monroe (2006)
Force Me To Obey (2006)
The Seller, The Buyer, The Girl, and Her Master (2006)
The Summer of Andie's Shame (2007)
Damsel, The Betrayal of Lady Roslyn (2007)
The Girl Next Door (2007)
Naughty Niki (2008)
Sexual Mischief (2008)
Fall From Grace (2008)
Stained Sheets (2008)
House of Slaves (2008)
Fear No Evil (2008)
Naughty Niki, Erotic BDSM (2008)
I Belong to You (2009)
Labyrinth (2009)
Madame Duvalier's Boudoir (2009)
Member of the Club (2009)
Property of the Marquis (2009)
Rendezvous With A Stranger (2009)
The Rutledge House Ladies (2009)
She'll Come Crawling (2009)
Submissively Addicted To You (2009)
Honeymoon In Bondage (2009)
Puppet On A String (2009)
The Rutledge House Ladies, Spanking Erotica (2009)
The Secret Sins of Lizzy Barton (2009)
Against Her Will (2009)
Bad Girls & Dangerous Men (2009)
Depravity's Child (2009)
I Belong to You, BDSM Erotica (2009)
Madame Duvalier's Boudoir, BDSM Erotica (2009)
Nightmare of Vengeance (2009)
Property of the Marquis, BDSM Erotica (2009)
Punishable Offenses (2009)
Shadows of a Painted Lady (2009)
She'll Come Crawling, BDSM Erotica (2009)
Submissively Addicted To You, BDSM Erotica (2009)
The War of the Remingtons (2009)
Dance For Me Savannah (2009)
Into The Dark Wilds (2009)
Primitive (2009)
Rendezvous With A Stranger, BDSM Erotica (2009)
Summer of Love (2009)
Bound for Submission (2009)
Infidelity (2009)
An Innocent Obsession (2009)
Slave Ranch (2009)
Carly On Her Knees (2009)
Labyrinth: An Erotic BDSM Novel (2009)
Scandal For Sale (2009)
Sophie and Maureen (2009)
Soul Custody (2009)
The Applicant II (2009)
My Promiscuous Amsterdam (2009)
Rough Justice, Spanking Erotica (2009)
Bottomline Blues, Spanking Erotica (2009)
Cowgirls & Angels, Spanking Erotica (2009)
Fire Under Glass, Spanking Erotica (2009)
Innocence Defiled (2009)
Prodigal Wives, Spanking Erotica (2009)
Scarlet Moons, Spanking Erotica (2009)
Whispers & Lies: Mackenzie's Punishment (2009)
Wild Roses, Spanking Erotica (2009)
Aunt Daisy's Secret, Spanking Erotica (2009)
Affairs Of A Wicked Heart (2009)
Girl In The Mirror (2009)
The Handmaiden's Revenge (2009)
In Chains (2009)
A Midsummer's Nightmare & Other Spanking Stories (2009)
Of Castles & Curses & Unfaithful Wives (2009)
Birches, Spanking Erotica (2010)
Brown Paper Fantasies (2010)
Four Confessions (2010)
In The Garden of Lust (2010)
Pandora's Hideaway (2010)
The Red Door (2010)
Naughty Baby (2010)
Short Shorts (2010)
Little Savage (2010)
Experiment In Terror (2010)
His Latest Acquisition (2010)
The Surrender of Lady Charlotte (2011)
No More Secrets, No More Lies (2011)
Photographs (2011)
Southern Exposure (2011)
Undress Her For Dinner (2011)
The Rebellious Bride (2011)
Reckless (2011)
Tethered (2011)
Juliet & The Captain (2011)
Old Affairs & New Found Lovers (2011)
Shakespeare's Brat (2011)
A Wild Night On The Island (2011)
Tales of Pleasure and Pain (2012)
The Alexandra Series (2013)
You'll Answer To Me (2013)
21 Sins (2013)
The Seduction of Kat Bloom (2013)
Hush (2013)
A Master For A Desperate Submissive (2013)
Naked Revelations (2013)
The Ranch (2014)
Veronica x (2014)
Seven Days in Cell Block 7 (2014)
Taken Before Dawn (2014)
Spontaneous Combustion (2014)
Body Wisdom (2014)
Uncompromising Portraits (2014)
Elena's Lovers (2015)
The Glass House (2019)
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