book cover of Jocelyn & Alexandra

Jocelyn & Alexandra

(The fourth book in the Alexandra series)
A novel by

BDSM & SPANKING FICTION. Classic Lizbeth Spanking fiction with a delightful plot. Feeling ignored by their Dominant lovers, Reggie and Will, Jocelyn and Alexandra take off on vacation, enjoying forbidden sexual pleasure in bed together! When they return, the two discover that keeping their secrets from Reg and Will is more difficult than they expected. Someone is telling all their secrets! Soon a sassy maid gets caught and punished by an angry Mistress, only to have Reggie turn the tables on her, giving her well-earned just desserts. Alexandra’s spanking punishment is sure to follow! The conniving Reggie and Will delight in tormenting the guilty women with their schemes. Brimming with suspense and erotic adventure, this novel takes some startling twists, resulting in a spellbinding finale. Lots of Spanking, anal sexuality, with female bisexuality and Fem/fem spanking.

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