book cover of Mating Scarlet

Mating Scarlet

(The second book in the Whore For The Wolves series)
A Novella by

Scarlet comes upon her great-grandmother with a savage wolf standing over her ready to rip out her throat. She begs and pleads with the wolf, literally willing to do anything to save her great-grandmother. The wolf concedes and forcefully takes what was promised to him in the bargain, using Scarlet's petite human body to satisfy his lust.

Read on for a small taste of one of the many nasty sexual encounters Scarlet must take part in:

Heath roughly knotted his fingers in her air, murmuring her name as he ran his free hand up her shirt, grasping at her breasts. He then brought both hands up and swiftly ripped apart her white shirt, sending buttons flying in all directions.
"Oh!" Scarlet gasped as the shirt lay hanging open, destroyed by Heath's lust. Heath ran his hands over her exposed body, exploring every inch of her. He dropped to his knees and tugged the white shirt, causing Scarlet to fall to her knees as well. Slowly Heath brought his hands to her shoulders and pulled the shirt down and it gently slid off her body and fell to the dirt.

Scarlet scooted closer to Heath and let her naked body rub against his. Heath groaned deep in his throat, and stroked himself.
"What am I going to do you?" he asked, his voice heavy with desire.
"Turn around," he ordered softly, and Scarlet scooted around on her knees, pushing her ass up against Heath's erection, and Heath groaned once more. He put his strong hands on her hips and slid one up her back, pressing down, forcing Scarlet to bend over.

"Yes," she whispered, as she dropped to her elbows, allowing her ass to sit exposed in the air. Heath rocked against Scarlet, pressing his cock up against her ass, as he ran his hands, fingers spread, over her back, hips and ass, feeling every inch of her. He ran one hand, between her legs, feeling her wetness. He moaned softly, feeling the remnants of Scarlet's earlier orgasm. He pushed two fingers inside her, letting the wetness run over his fingers and then brought his fingers up to her asshole, pushing inside gently.

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