book cover of Savage Hearts

Savage Hearts

(The seventh book in the Club Volare series)
A novel by

SAVAGE HEARTS is the latest stand-alone novel in the USA TODAY bestselling Club Volare series. It contains mature language and subject matter, and is definitely not for the faint of heart… ;)

A year ago, Soren Andersson triggered the events that broke up his world famous band, Savage Heart. Now a book about the band’s break up and eventual reunion has been published that reveals Soren’s sexual history as a powerful Dom, and all the media attention brings lawsuits and fortune-hunters intent on destroying Soren. But Soren doesn’t care about any of that.

All he cares about is Cate Kennedy, the lawyer hired to defend him.

It’s not that he can’t get her out of his mind. It’s not that she’s the perfect submissive for him. It’s not even the heat he feels when he touches her. It’s that he sees something in Cate—something he recognizes. Soren sees the pain that she tries to hide away, and the fear that keeps her from exploring the submission she craves, and he knows it’s his duty and his privilege to do something about it.

Soren has just one rule: total honesty. If Cate can do that, he can show her all of the things she’s ever dreamed of.

Cate is totally honest, except for one teeny tiny thing: she’s still technically married. Her abusive ex-husband won’t give her a divorce. Instead he’s using her secret interest in BDSM to blackmail her. Cate refuses to let her ex control her life anymore, and she won’t let him take this opportunity from her, either.

Soren Andersson offers the perfect escape: he’ll dominate her in all the ways she’s fantasized about, and he’ll do it with no strings attached. Neither one of them believes they are capable of love or commitment, but only Soren seems to understand the physical release that Cate needs.

It really is perfect.

Until one of them falls in love, Cate’s secret puts the band at risk, and Soren finds out she’s been lying to him the whole time…

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