book cover of Sophie The Queen

Sophie The Queen

(The fourth book in the Forced, Fucked, and Bred series)
A Novella by

Sophie is now the Queen of the Fae, she's loved and adored by her new people and has never before felt so at home. She shares her heart with Liam and Rylan, and each lover gives her something that she could never live without. Trouble ensues when the evil forces of the forest seek to destroy Sophie. Will her love and sexual ferocity prevail as her two lovers vow to save her life?

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

Once Sophie was untied, Liam slipped her silky sleeves down her arms, until her chest was bare. He stepped off the bed, and gently pulled Sophie with him. She stood there in the room, her breasts naked and exposed as the sky slowly darkened outside and the moonlight began to spill in. Liam pushed his bare chest against Sophie's breasts, groaning softly at the contact of skin.

Without warning, he roughly yanked the dress down over her hips. Sophie let out a small squeal as her dress fell to a pink puddle on the floor. Liam stepped back, and Sophie locked eyes with him, trying to convey her desire as she stepped out of her dress.

Standing before Liam in only her silk panties, she reached her hand down and slipped it inside her underwear. Liam's eyes widened as he watched Sophie's hand slowly move inside her panties, pleasuring herself gently as she closed her eyes and bit her lip.

"Oh," she whimpered and Liam backed himself against the wall, forcing himself not to touch her as he enjoyed this rare show of masturbation.
"What are you thinking about?" Liam breathed, wanting to start a dialogue to increase his arousal.
"You," Sophie moaned as she rocked back on her heels. She was having a hard time standing.
"Lie on the bed," Liam ordered softly. Sophie nodded before moving to the bed. She splayed her legs, pushing her other hand deep inside her panties as well. Her hands moved vigorously inside the material and Liam was desperate to see her pussy.

"Take off your undergarments," he instructed. Sophie moaned as she slid her underwear over her shimmering legs. Liam gasped at her sweet middle as she spread her legs, revealing the opening that he loved so dearly.

"Talk to me, Sophie," he implored, as he quietly undid his pants and wrapped his hands around his hard erection.
"You," she breathed, "Surprising the woods...Pushing me against a tree... Lifting my dress," her words were breathy and hot as she gasped out her fantasies between phrases.
"Oh, Sophie," Liam moaned as he tugged his shorts down and leapt onto the bed. Sophie groaned as Liam's strong body pinned her underneath him. She reached her hands up to his back and gently stroked his papery wings. Liam moaned with pure pleasure as Sophie caressed his sensitive erogenous zone. Sophie felt her body climb higher as she was taken over by the pleasure of being meshed with Liam.

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