book cover of The Dark Queen of the Seas

The Dark Queen of the Seas

Every Port in a Storm
(Book 11 in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A Novella by

Set sail for wickedly filthy adventure on the high seas! Pirate Captain Iluxa Demyr's obession with the ghostly treasure ship Vainglory is about to cause a mutiny on her own ship, the Dark Queen. But the gorgeous blue elf has more than just cutlasses and pistols with which to tame her randy crew!

Join Iluxa and her goblin cabin boy Winkle as they embark on a dangerous and kinky adventure to the very heart of madness. Iluxa will face old friends, competitors, and fearsome foes on the salt-licked decks and between the pleasure-tangled sheets. The shameless beauty has no hesitation about using every weapon in her scabbard and enjoys a good roll below decks as much as the rummiest deckhand.

Something hungers for Iluxa. An evil that haunts the Bounded Sea and lusts for her body. A final confrontation with this evil might mean sacrificing everything for the bold captain. But when a vast treasure is at stake, the Dark Queen of the Seas trims her sails to plunge straight into the ravenous jaws of danger! Sacrifices be damned!

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