book cover of Bad Girls Abound

Bad Girls Abound

(The first book in the Villain for Hire series)
A novel by

The four rules of freelance villainy are as follows:
  1. Always wear a mask

    Never hurt civilians

    Never kill the heroes you’re paid to fight.

    And the bad guy always loses.
As a villain for hire I followed those rules, facing down heroes in scripted fights to make them look good for the press and brand deals. Sure, losing every time was a pain, but the money was good. Well, decent. And it kept real heroes off my back. Well, usually.

But then I got called in to train a new villainess in the fine art of menace, and suddenly I'm dealing with rogue heroes, horny scientists, yandere psychics, and in the crosshairs of one of the biggest bad guys the world has ever known. It's a good thing I'm a villain, because it's time to start breaking some rules...

Villain for Hire is a humorous adventure through the world of heroes, superpowers, love, and villainy. Featuring nefarious plots, jobbing, dinner and unconventional use of magnets and fossils, this men's adventure is sure to delight.

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