book cover of First Comes Marriage

First Comes Marriage

(The second book in the House of Uncommons series)
A novel by

Catriona Fergusson never expected to wind up in a London workhouse, but then, she never expected to be disowned by her family or to become a married man’s mistress. Becoming pregnant when her protector believes he cannot father children is simply the latest calamity to befall her. Turned out of her home and stripped of funds, she has few choices and fewer friends.

Recently elected to the House of Commons, Noel Langston is on a mission to reform England’s cruel treatment of the poor, especially women and children. A foundling himself, he understands better than most the fate that awaits those who cannot afford to care for themselves or their offspring. So when he stumbles upon the mistress of his bitterest political rival during a visit to a workhouse, he is both shocked and horrified. Upon realizing that she is pregnant, he sees an opportunity to help her and her unborn child…and to discredit the politician who most often stands in the way of Noel’s reformist agenda.

First comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Can love come last?

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