book cover of After School Training

After School Training

(The first book in the Lessons in Lust series)
A Novella by

Ms. Maddock agrees to help her student, but little does she know he’s going to help her way more.

Raquel Maddock’s student is flunking out of her class. She runs an off-campus tutoring company and hopes she can help him out. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a tall, tattooed, mysterious bad boy… not that she’d
ever think about jeopardizing her teaching position.

Trent Lewis likes to keep to himself and work on his motorcycle in auto shop class. It’s why he ditches his other classes so often, including Ms. Maddock’s. But when Ms. Maddock takes a vested interest in him, how can he deny her? She’s the hottest teacher he’s ever seen, and he knows he has just what she wants, because she can’t take her eyes off it...

When these two finally get in the same room together, they make a bargain: He will do better in school and make sure her tutoring company succeeds. She just has to let him do whatever he wants to her, first… and she has no idea what’s coming!

(Warning: Contains strong language and explicit scenes.)

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