book cover of Taken By Force

Taken By Force

(The fifth book in the Bound And Bred For The Billionaire series)
A Novella by

Mandy has violated Justin's trust and now she is willing to do whatever it takes to win him back. Things finally seem to be getting back to normal for Mandy and Justin, he moves her into one of his condos so that she can be closer, and even takes care of her new wardrobe. Things start to heat up at another company party when Mandy is thrown to the wolves, she's forced to accommodate multiple partners and relishes in the opportunity to please Justin by fucking the rest of his pack. Trouble ensues when a disgruntled coworker can't take Justin's favoritism for Mandy any longer.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

Justin moved his mouth against her inner thighs, biting gently as his mouth all but grazed her pussy. Mandy pushed her hips forward, needing Justin to lick her sweet seam, but knowing he would tease her further. He breathed hotly against her sensitive skin and Mandy trembled beneath him, whimpering quietly. She registered other women nearby moaning and crying out as their men pleased them as well.

After what felt like an eternity, Justin pushed his wet mouth against Mandy's soaking pussy and she cried out carnally. He swirled his tongue between her folds, tasting every inch of her without pushing into her slit. Mandy's thighs quivered and her chest rose and fell rapidly as she climbed higher and higher under Justin's expert tongue.

Gripping her thighs tightly, Justin pushed his tongue deep within her wet opening and Mandy cried out as she felt his thumb rub against her swollen nub. She was so close and she begged Justin not to stop. Justin flicked his tongue against her before pushing it in and out of her, fucking her with his mouth.

Grabbing tightly at Justin's hair, Mandy exploded, shaking and rocking on the bed as her cries of pleasure carried across the patio. Justin stayed between her thighs, drinking her juices and gently kissing her sensitive pussy. He didn't pull away until Mandy had finally stopped shaking, her body at rest minus her rising and falling chest.

"Follow me," he breathed, pulling a dazed Mandy to her feet. She tripped behind him into the darkness and she felt the other pack members appear and follow closely behind her. Her body was warm and heavy from her orgasm and she felt amazingly satiated. A bed came into view and Mandy noticed a few small candles on the ground that cast a soft glow on the bed.

Once more, Justin pushed Mandy down on the bed and he nodded at the pack members who moved in on her. Mandy vaguely recognized the men, and she counted only three. The first man came behind Mandy, pulling her right back up as he unzipped her dress and slipped it over her head. Completely nude, Mandy felt vulnerable yet desirable and she let the other men crawl on the bed and position her compliant body.

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