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Sucking The Soccer Players

A Novella by

Seeking shelter from the rain, the coach of a local college soccer team calls on his assistant coach. Little does he know that the assistant coach already has plans for the evening, filthy disgusting activities involving a couple of their very own players!
The coach starts out filming the debauchery and eventually joins in on the sucking, fucking, and defiling of the players.

Read on for a small taste of what's waiting inside!
Minutes later, after Bill had dried off, and Danny had given him brief instruction on how to use the highly automated camera, he left Bill to handle the device on his own. Dropping his towel, now bare-assed, he joined the two on the bed, clambering across the spread until he was up between them.
"Just be natural," he told them. "Do whatever you feel like doing."

The two had roaring hard-ons now, their puds sticking up in their jock pouches like flagpoles in a tent waiting to be unveiled. They were lying on their backs, but with their shoulders and heads propped up by pillows against the headboard.
Danny began the action. He reached down and rubbed each of the youth's crotches, pushing and kneading their packages as if they held fresh bread dough instead of cocks and balls. As he did this, he glanced up at Coach Colfax handling the camera. The man was naked now, and this was the first time Danny had seen his junk displayed. It was a good opportunity to view it, because Bill seemed engrossed in working the camera.
The coach had a set of low-hangers, and a lanky, uncircumcised cock. His pubic hair was black but flecked with just a few gray hairs. A narrow treasure trail climbed from his pubes, up across his flat belly, to fan out over his chest.

Overall, Danny decided Bill was one hell of a good-looking man, especially for his age. He had a good build, no doubt about that, and his manhood and nuts were a truly impressive sight. Danny wouldn't mind having a go at those.
Even as he thought this, he felt his cock twitch and grow, and in seconds, he was sporting some real wood. Michael and Greg leaned over him, both fondling his gonads. Greg played with his nuts, as if trying to chase them around in their sack, while Michael encircled the shaft of his meat stick and began gently to pull on it.
Danny lay back and closed his eyes for a minute, relaxing, enjoying the feel of a young man's hand on his cock, pulling on his prick. He had to admit, it beat having to do it himself.

Then he felt a mouth descend on his manhood, engulf the knob in its hot interior. Slurping noises followed. Seconds later, a second mouth was working his balls, lathering them up, tickling them with an insistent and probing tip of tongue.
Danny opened his eyes. He still had his hands on the boys' swollen crotches.
"Take those things off," he ordered them. "Let's let the folks at home get a good close-up look at your cocks, okay?"
They paused in their slobbering ministrations of his genitals just long enough to pull their jocks down over their hips, thighs, and then off their feet. They tossed the jockstraps onto the floor.

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