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Korey Mae Johnson got her start as an author at Bethanys Woodshed back in 2007 when she was a senior at Western Oregon University as an English Writing major with a minor in business. Her first book was Pursuit of Glory, a spanking romance that she dreamed up during the years she spent obsessed with the Napoleonic Wars

After working at the college library for four years, she finally got a job at a magazine company for business magazines, but still, it was a start. A start which she immediately tossed away after less than a year to pursue Jamesa Texan graduate student that was everything she wanteda man with an interest in spanking who was sweet as can be, a responsible, Christian head-of-household type, and gorgeous. For a year, she even wrote about it in her personal blog, SpankNotes.

They married in November of 2008. Theyre still happily married.The same month as they married, and after several months of baggering the owner of Bethanys Woodshed, Korey was given a job creating monthly newsletters. Over time, Korey took on additional work with other sites associated with Bethanys Woodshed, culminating with her serving as the webmaster, web-designer, eBook specialist, and cover artist for Blushing Books, a spanking eBook store affiliated with Bethanys Woodshed.

In August of 2012, Korey and James parted amicably with Blushing Books and formed Stormy Night Publications.
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Bonded Mates (with Sara Fields)
   1. Mate (2024)
   2. Shared (2024)
   Attitudes (2012) (with others)