book cover of Seduced By Force

Seduced By Force

(The fourth book in the Bound And Bred For The Billionaire series)
A Novella by

Mandy has been caught red-handed by Justin. There's no way out now, he knows that she's been fooling around with Brad behind his back. He's given her everything and she disobeyed his trust, and challenged his authority. Justin has been known to have a scary temper and the last Property that was unfaithful to him disappeared and was never heard from again. Will Mandy be able to fuck her way out of this one? Her life may depend on it.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

Mandy reached for Justin's zipper and she quickly pulled it down before wrapping her hands around his solid erection. Justin felt heavy and thick in her small hands and Mandy moaned as she thought about Justin pushing deep inside her. Sensing her desire for him, Justin held onto Mandy tightly and carried her back towards the couch. He let go of her legs, and Mandy quickly recovered and stood upright.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard," Justin growled, spinning her around so she was bent over the couch. The soft micro suede rubbed against her skin and Mandy reached back to unhook her bra, letting it fall to the ground. The soft fabric rubbed her aching breasts and soothed her hard nipples. Just as Mandy widened her stance, hungry for Justin to fill her, she felt Justin's hand come down hard on her ass.
"Aghh!" she cried from the pain.

"You deserve it," he gasped. "How could you do this to me?" he asked before spanking her again.
"I'm sorry," Mandy whimpered as she felt her pussy swell and moisten with desire. Even though the spanking hurt, she loved when Justin dominated her like this.

"You should be sorry!" he exclaimed, spanking her again.
"There's no excuse," she moaned, "Please fuck me, Justin. Make it better," she cried wantonly.
"I'm going to fuck you so damn hard you won't even remember who Brad is," Justin shouted as he thrust into her with incredible force.

Mandy fell against the couch, the wind knocked out of her and she cried out from Justin entering her so deeply. Her body accepted his invasion, opening and wrapping tightly around his pulsing member. Again and again, Justin slammed into Mandy, his cock pushing deep within her, fucking her for each of her mistakes.

Mandy moaned and whimpered against the couch, her insides slick with her desire for Justin. This primal sex was raw and just what Mandy needed. She felt as if Justin was punishing her and she knew she deserved it. Her chemistry with Justin was so intense and she didn't know how she could ever have thought that Brad could match it. She pushed her hips high in the air, making Justin's entry easily accessible.

"I. Never. Want. To. Hear. The. Name. Brad. Again," he panted with every thrust. "Do. You. Understand. Me?" he asked.
"Yes! Yes!" she responded, her breath heavy and shallow.
Justin continued to drive into her, his hands roughly holding her at the hips to steady her body as he fucked her.
"You're so wet for me, Mandy," he moaned. "How are you so fucking wet?" Mandy groaned in response.

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