book cover of Newlywed Bride

Newlywed Bride

(The first book in the Gangbang With The Beasts series)
A Novella by

Newlyweds Matthew and Lucy take to the moutains of St. Gligen, Austria for their dream honeymoon. The trip takes a nasty turn when husband and wife end up the depraved sex lair of the beast Overlord. Matthew is forced to watch as his wife is taken in unimaginable ways by a horde of horrible beasts. The Overlord watches on, waiting for the moment when he will take the defiled bride for himself.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

As he spoke, Lucy walked, and as she walked, she lost more and more of her resistance. She could hear growls and grunts echoing off the stone, and she didn't know why, but it seemed to increase the need inside of her. Somehow she knew that the need would be sated if she went down there. So she did.

The tunnel turned into a large antechamber type room with high windows cut into the stone. There was no light, but since there was a full moon out, the room wasn't as dark as Lucy would have thought it should have been. There were piles of blankets and shredded cloth in different corners, and right there in the middle of it all was what she could only assume was the horde.

There were at least six of them, and they were all monstrous. They looked less human than the creature she had seen before, and all in different ways. Some of them had the heads and arms of of beasts, looking like great bears that stood on human legs. Others were twisted versions of humans with fur in strange places and claws and wings. There were some with glowing red eyes, and some with huge, gaping mouths.

Lucy's eyes only glanced over them, though, even her fear not being able to break through her haze of arousal. All she focused on were their cocks. They were all naked, and their cocks were as varied as the monsters themselves. Some were human, but massive and thick with veins that bulged and stood out. Some were animal like, almost canine with knots that swelled from furry bodies. They were all large, though, and that was what mattered in the moment.

Her heart was pounding with her desire, and she couldn't even find it in her to be as terrified as she probably should have been. Not even when the horde noticed her and turned almost as one to look at her. She was naked, and they were obviously aroused, and it took less the five seconds for the first one to be upon her.

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