book cover of The Monsters\' Breeding Dungeon 2

The Monsters' Breeding Dungeon 2

(A book in the Overlord's Depraved Tales series)
A Novella by

On their way to St. Gilgen, Austria, Rita and Dani are excited to branch out and explore a foreign land, despite the legends and horror stories of beasts lurking in the mountainside. A mysterious and sexy stranger buys them both a drink, a strange Austrian vodka, and his charm and friendly manner disarms the girls' better judgment. A midnight trip up into the mountains ends in The Overlord's dungeon of sexual depravity. The girls are given no choice but to obey their master's command as the horrible creatures rise from their cells.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

"Ah, Damon," the thing said, his voice low and cold. It sent shivers down Dani's spine. "You always do such a good job selecting girls for the horde. Why are they awake, though?"

"They wanted to come, Master," Damon replied, shrugging. "The drug is already having its effect."

Drug? Was that why she felt so strange? Because she had been drugged? Even standing there, Dani knew something was wrong. She should have been terrified by the creature in front of her, but still her pussy throbbed, and her breasts felt ridiculously sensitive. She found herself wondering what the creature's cock looked like, and that's when she knew that she was lost to whatever had a hold on her body.

She glanced over at Rita and found her looking similarly horrified, and she wondered what was going to happen to them.

"Well, we won't turn away the willing," the monster said, smirking and showing off sharp teeth. "And you are willing, aren't you, ladies?"

Dani wanted to shake her head, to open her mouth and demand that they be released, but all that came out was a low moan that terrified her.

"I'm going to take that as a yes." He clapped his hands and looked at Damon. "Bring up the horde."

What the fuck was the horde? Dani didn't know, and at that moment she didn't care. Almost without her permission, her hand strayed under her dress, and she began to touch herself, stroking her wet pussy through her panties which were soaking wet with her juices.

The creature laughed. "I see that they are prepared already for this. How wonderful."

Damon walked over to the wall and pulled a long chain. There was the sudden grinding of stone on stone, a piece of the wall moved aside and the howls of a dozen beasts could be heard emanating from the depths of a long tunnel. Apparently this was a horde of animals or monsters that this creature held captive.

"You are dismissed, Damon," the creature said, waving a negligent hand, and Damon bowed and departed, leaving them alone with the monster in front of them. "The horde will be pleased with you. It has been some time since they have had two playthings, and the drug that you were given is a bit different than the one I usually give out. You will see what I mean soon enough."

Dani wasn't listening, and neither was Rita. She was too busy ripping her clothes off as fast as she could. Her panties ended up somewhere on the other side of the room, and her dress and bra soon followed. When she was naked, she plunged two fingers into her pussy, gasping as how wet she was. Juices were dripping down her leg and her nipples were hard and sensitive. She looked over at Rita and saw that she was in a similar position, pinching one of her erect nipples while she stroked her clit.

The smell of their combined arousal was thick in the air, and a harsh growl rumbled up from whatever passage had opened in the wall. More snarls and growls erupted into the air, and then the room was filled with monstrous creatures. Neither girl paid attention to what they looked like, though if they had, the gruesome half-man half-beast visages wouldn't have done anything to diminish their lust. Their eyes were locked on the thick, human-like cocks that stood hungrily erect between their legs.

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