book cover of Broken In

Broken In

(A book in the Doctor's Discipline series)
A Novella by

Sam thought going to the naughty girls clinic would help her, but she came out with a crush on a doctor and an appetite for wild fun.

For months, Dr. Jensen is all she can think about. He’s the only man to ever make her climax, and that’s something a girl can get attached to. It makes her act out to the point where even she recognizes she has a problem.

Going back to the clinic is supposed to be therapeutic, but seeing Dr. Jensen again is too much to handle.

He was her first once, now he’s doing it again. She’s left her backdoor untouched and there’s no one better to complete the job than her favorite doctor.

Whether she’s suspended from the ceiling or spread out for all to see, she’ll do anything to please him and finally get the reward she’s been longing for.

Stretched and stuffed almost to the breaking point would suffice, but when he lets other men use and pleasure her, she’s left wondering if her doctor could truly ever be her Daddy.

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