book cover of An Italian Appetite

An Italian Appetite

A Novella by

Kristen's husband loves to watch her pleasure strange men and when they travel to Europe for her birthday things really start to spice up. They spend a week in Italy knowing that Kristen always turns into a complete slut around Italian men.

Nothing can curb her appetite for foreign cock during this week long sex binge as she revels in hours of passionate anonymous sex.

A taste of what is waiting inside:
"As he kissed her, Vincenzo ran his hands down to her ass and grabbed firmly, and Kristin felt his erection bloom against her body. Vincenzo began backing Kristin up and pushed her down on the bed. He then turned his gaze to Kevin who had quietly pulled himself out of his jeans and was slowly rubbing his cock as he watched.
"I fuck your wife?" Vincenzo asked.
"Yes," Kevin answered, his voice husky.
"You like watching another man touch your wife?" Vincenzo asked as he crawled on top of Kristin, groping her breasts through her bra.
"Yes," Kevin said again, watching Kristin arch her back from Vincenzo's touch.
"You do not feel jealous?" Vincenzo asked as he slid Kristin's panties down her legs and exposed her. Kristin's skin was on fire from Vincenzo's touch. She moaned as she felt her panties slide away and she pushed her hips up towards Vincenzo as he grazed his fingers over her pussy. Kristin stared at Kevin to see his reaction.
"I like it," he said to Vincenzo as he began to stroke himself faster.
Vincenzo then grabbed Kristin's hips and brought his face to her thighs.
"I will love fucking your wife and bringing the pleasure to her."
"Aggh" Kristin cried out as Vincenzo bit her inner thigh and then slid two fingers inside her. She closed her eyes and let his touch wash over her. Kristin heard a scraping sound and she suddenly felt a mouth press against her own as she was still feeling Vincenzo's fingers slide in and out of her. Kristin's eyes flew open and Kevin was staring back at her as he hungrily kissed her. Kristin let out a cry of joy at Kevin's decision to join. As Vincenzo worked Kristin with his fingers, Kevin began to kiss his way down to Kristin's breasts. Kevin pulled her negligee straps down and began to play with her nipples, taking them between his teeth, softly twisting them. Vincenzo lowered his mouth to her pussy and began to flick his tongue against her. Kristin writhed on the bed, and both Kevin and Vincenzo helped hold her down. Kristin was going to explode from the nipple stimulation and Vincenzo's tongue on her pussy. Kristin felt her thighs begin to quiver"

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