book cover of Dominating Scarlet

Dominating Scarlet

(The third book in the Whore For The Wolves series)
A Novella by

Scarlet is held captive by a powerful creature who wishes only to humiliate her and dominate her for his own twisted sexual pleasure. She must become his sex slave and obey his every perverse command in order to save the life of her true lover. The story ends with Scarlet serving more than just her master.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

Scarlet shimmied into the dress, feeling the corset suck her in, and push her breasts up into the cups. She rolled her eyes as she bent over to pick up a stocking that had fallen. Her ass was completely exposed, and she was sure Nicholas had planned it that way. She noticed that Nicholas had failed to include panties with this ensemble.
Scarlet snaked each leg through a fishnet garter, before fastening them in the front and back of her thigh. She slipped her feet into sky-high black heels. Feeling like a kinky sex slave, Scarlet opened the door to meet Nicholas.
Nicholas' eyes widened when he saw Scarlet and his mouth dropped.
"You are a very sexy woman," he said softly. Scarlet rolled her eyes.
"Come here," Nicholas ordered. Scarlet obeyed, walking towards him, as she looked him in the eye. Nicholas grabbed her roughly under her chin.
"Listen to me very carefully," he hissed, "I care for you Scarlet and I want to continue taking pleasure in your body. I was more than happy to help you with your great-grandmother, but I could give a shit about that wolf outside." Scarlet tried to yank her chin from Nicholas' tight grip, but he squeezed her harder. "As you so kindly pointed out, I wasted too much time doing the wolves' bidding, and I owe them nothing. I cannot fathom why you care for that dog, but if you have any desire to see him alive again then you are going to do as I tell you. Is that clear?"
Scarlet nodded, as angry tears filled her eyes.
"I don't want you so much as to roll your eyes at me," Nicholas breathed, "if I tell you to kneel, you kneel. If I tell you to suck, you suck. If I tell you to rub your pussy, you rub your pussy. And call me Master when you address me. Are we clear?" Scarlet nodded again. "I'm running this show and I want you to obey my every order!" with that, Nicholas released her chin and Scarlet stepped away, anger coursing through her body. Fucking Nicholas on her own free will was one thing, but being forced to wear a corset and having to obey Nicholas was another thing entirely.
Nicholas came up behind her and ran his hands through her smooth hair. "I like your hair," he whispered. He wrapped his hands in it, and yanked Scarlet's head back, exposing her throat. Nicholas gently kissed her throat.
"Kneel down," Nicholas ordered. Scarlet dropped to her knees. "Look at the floor," he instructed and Scarlet dropped her gaze to the floor. She watched Nicholas' bare feet walk around her, circling her. His feet stopped once they were in front of her. She heard a small unsnap and watched as his pants fell to the floor. Slowly, one foot at a time, Nicholas stepped out of his pants.
"Bring your head up and look straight ahead."
Scarlet obeyed and found herself face to face with Nicholas' cock, which he held in his hand. He stroked it softly and Scarlet watched as it began to lengthen and harden. Nicholas moved it towards her face, pushing his tip against her cheek, then along her lips and over to her other cheek.
"Tell me how badly you want to suck my cock."
"I want to suck your cock. Master." Scarlet added.
"Say it like you mean it," Nicholas growled.
"I want to suck your cock, Master!" Scarlet moaned, opening her mouth. Nicholas pushed it inside and Scarlet murmured "Mmmm." Just as quickly, Nicholas pulled himself out of her mouth.
"If you want it, then you can't have it," he teased. "Stand up," he commanded.
Scarlet stood up and waited for the next instruction. She glanced at Nicholas and noticed he had unbuttoned his shirt and it hung open, his chest exposed. Scarlet couldn't help the small jump in her stomach at the sight of Nicholas' sculpted chest and

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