book cover of Converting the Cop

Converting the Cop

Seducing the Married Police Officer
A Novella by

Recently bereaved from the sudden passing of his lover and life mate, Davis becomes enamored with the Police Officer who enters his life and picks him up off his knees. The two have a sexual awakening and experience passion that they never dreamed possible. The only catch is that the Officer has a wife.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:
Davis prepared for bed, Pat stepped out upon the terrace for a breath of crisp winter air. The breath was thick as it left his mouth, displaying a pillowy cloud as he exhaled. Spotting his young friend upon the Terrace, the doctor stepped out to join him.

"Ooo, feel that crisp air!" he said.
"Chilly, but nice" Pat said.
"Winter's going to be showing herself any day now, I expect." said Davis.
Then Davis moved closer to Pat to encourage the connection of body heat between them. "Feels nice" Pat said as Davis wrapped his shielding arms around Pat.
"Yes, it does" he agreed.

Davis then began to suck upon Pat's neck gently. Forceful enough to encourage arousal, softly enough to avoid making a permanent mark. Then Pat turned his head backward and locked his lips upon Davis'.
Davis stroked his hands along the shapely pecks and stroked them passionately as they kissed. Then, with a warm, teasing breath upon his neck, Pat's penis began to rise again. Then, with anticipation and excitement, he turned to face the doctor again.

Then, as the sky began to sprinkle down dashes of snow upon them, the heat of their passion dissolved any of the cold that touched them. Pat gently moved Davis into a lawn chair nearby and proceeded to aid Davis in opening the pajama door. Davis' cock stood tall and erect, prepared to be delivered once again.

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