book cover of Bend Over for My Family

Bend Over for My Family

(The second book in the Initiation 2 series)
A Novella by


Pretty Gina Wesley is locked in the passionate embrace of her boyfriend's brother, when their father suddenly returns. Terrified of this mysterious billionaire, Gina scuttles to dress up for him.

But when Russell Devlin, the patriarch of the house, offers her a contract for her sexual servitude, Gina must decide if she will sell her body to her new 'Daddy' - who can be a very stern and demanding master.

This 9800 word BDSM novelette is Volume 2 of the 'Initiation 2' series.


THE INITIATION: Open Your Legs for Me, Blindfolded and Spread-eagled, Thighs Wide Apart, Teacher, Please Spread my Pussy, The Final Initiation, The Initiation: A Bundle of 5 Stories
THE INITIATION 2: Open Your Legs for my Family, Bend Over for my Family, Publicly Display Yourself for Me, Sex Slave at Sea, Paraded before the Billionaires, Sex Slave at the Auction  

THE INITIATION 3: Sex Slave to the Dictator, Shackled by the Dictator, Punished by the Dictator's Daughter (NEW!)


Russell pats Alice's rump, a gesture that strikes me as unusual. She is after all older than Max. "Off with you now. I want to have a look at Max's girlfriend."

Even the way he talks to her is unusual, as if she's still a little girl. My anxiety intensifies.

"She's nothing special, Dad," Alice retorts as she reluctantly slides off his lap.

"Jealousy doesn't become you, sweetheart. Come here, Gina, and let me have a look at you."

"Go on." Max prods me in the back.

I go around the large desk, which is cluttered with documents and bric-bracs, including a table photo of a little girl in pigtails whom I recognize as a childhood version of Alice. Surprise, surprise, she's actually smiling in her photo - something I haven't seen much evidence of since I arrived.

Russell is seated on his high-back leather chair, whose reclining back squeaks as he leans back to view me in all my party frock glory. He's a giant of a man, with long limbs and a waist that resembles Max's tapering one.

"Very, very pretty." He holds out his large hands. "Come here, Gina."

I'm not really sure what to do, but I do know that as a guest, I cannot rudely decline. But just gazing at this magnificent specimen of a man - a man in every sense - makes me go weak in my knees. More so than his sons, he gives off the impression of instant and absolute command. His eyes are crinkled at the edges with laugh lines and his skin is weathered. I suspect he is a man much used to being outdoors.

I take two tentative steps towards him. He reaches out and grasps my hand.

"Sit here, Gina." He pats his lap, recently warmed by Alice.

Alice hisses with exasperation.

I place my buttocks on his lap. My hands tremble a little. I can smell his aftershave - a musky scent that sends shivers through my body. His skin is very warm through his shirt and pants, and I am very aware of his overwhelming maleness, and of his hand on my back as I snuggle closer to his torso in a bid to maintain my balance.

He adjusts my body orientation so that I'm sitting partially sideways, with my legs dangling off his right thigh. The armrest prevents me from totally being sideways. His hand on my back slides up and down my bodice, stopping just above my buttocks. My skirt is flouncy and very much in the way of more contact.

My pulse is fluttering at my throat. I swallow a hard lump.

Max clears his throat and remarks, "Gina has very nicely agreed to submit - " he pauses at the significance of the word " - to the whole family."

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