book cover of Bred By The Beasts

Bred By The Beasts

(The second book in the Gangbang With The Beasts series)
A Novella by

Following their college graduation, four girls plan a week long getaway at a secluded lakeside cabin. No tv, no internet, no boys, no drama, and limited use of their cell phones. It seems like the ultimate vacation of relaxation before the girls have to face the responsibilities of the post-grad real world. Things take a depraved turn when the girls are discovered by foul beasts lurking in the forest near the cabin. The monsters have insatiable and unspeakable desires and it will take all four tight, young, human female bodies to meet their filthy needs.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

When Ashley looked up, she gasped at the sight in front of her. There was a circle of other creatures standing around something that was obviously entertaining to them. Her eyes widened when she realized that each of them was stroking a massive cock that jutted out between their legs in some sort of bizarre circle jerk. When one of them shifted to the side, Ashley's mouth fell open as she saw what they were so interested in.

Carly was there on her hands and knees, one of big foot monsters working his mammoth cock into her mouth over and over again, while another one fucked her from behind. And that wasn't all. Tiffany was there too, her hands bound behind her, and her tits bouncing as she was moved up and down on yet another stiff monster of a dick, this one belonging to a beast who was lying on his back, his hands wrapped around Tiffany's waist, guiding her curvy young body up and down along his massive shaft.

Both girls appeared to be enjoying what was happening to them, and Ashley couldn't bring herself to even begin to imagine why. She had to admit, even though they had been abducted by these creatures, being fucked like that had to feel good. Human men couldn't even begin to measure up to the rods these creatures were packing, and it seemed like they knew what to do with them.

She and Lydia watched their friends, transfixed, wondering if they would get a turn to be used by their captors. They didn't have to wait long for an answer. Soon one of the other monsters broke away from the circle and grabbed Ashley. It took him a good few minutes, but soon he had her clothes ripped off completely, leaving her in only her boots. Lydia was getting the same treatment from another creature, and their cries of surprise joined the moans and gasps that were coming from their friends.

With her hands still tied behind her, Ashley was forced down onto her knees, her bare ass up in the air. It didn't take long before she felt something thick and hard probing at her pussy, and she tried to squirm away. Even she didn't know if she was trying to get away or get closer, but she did cry out in protest.

“What are you doing!?” she demanded.

“We brought you here for our use,” the creature behind her said. “We will take turns mating with you until we are satisfied.”

“What!?” Ashley heard Lydia say indignantly. “You can't do that! We're not-AH!” she broke off with a scream, and Ashley could only assume that the big foot who wanted to fuck her was getting to that, shoving his nearly foot long prick into her.

The creature who had Ashley was taking it a bit slower, using his precum as lube to push his way in slowly. He seemed to be taking the promise that they wouldn't get hurt seriously. Ashley couldn't deny that arousal was taking the place of the fear as all of his hard, thick cock split her open. She had never taken anything that big before, and she couldn't help but struggle against her bonds as it went as deep as it could inside of her, crushing against her fertile young womb.

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