book cover of Bound By Force

Bound By Force

(The first book in the Bound And Bred For The Billionaire series)
A Novella by

Mandy is betrayed by her body when she falls for her new boss, a good-looking, older man in a high power position. While attending a company party she finds herself tied to a bed in his mansion, completely out of control, wanting nothing more than to be dominated by him and to satiate his every desire. Her boss has a dark secret and she soon learns of his true intentions - to have her shared and bred amongst his rich and powerful friends.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

"That's not what I meant," he said kindly, "I only meant that I don't think you're the exhibitionist type, so perhaps we'll be a little low-key at first."
Mandy nodded in agreement. She wanted to fuck Justin more than she had ever wanted anything in her entire life, but her stomach gave a weird sort of lurch when she thought of having sex in front of strangers.

Justin led her outside and past all of the occupied beds. Mandy's eyes widened as she saw the numerous couples having sex and moaning in their pleasure. She saw men with their faces buried between thighs, girls' heads bobbing as they gave oral, one couple was having anal sex and the young woman was screaming with pleasure. Still more couples were having sex missionary style, doggie style, standing up and one brave woman was hanging upside down off her bed as the man pounded into her at a bizarre and uncomfortable-looking angle.

"In here," Justin breathed as he motioned to a bed that was set away from the others but still allowed Justin and Mandy a birds' eye view. Mandy slipped off her shoes and stepped up onto the bed. Justin roughly pushed her down so that her face was pressing in the mattress.
"Oh," Mandy gasped as Justin straddled her.

"You're mine in this tent," he breathed, "do you understand?" and his voice was hot yet menacing. Mandy nodded as she squirmed underneath him, desperate to get her hands on his dark skin. Justin moved aside and Mandy leapt up to her knees as she went to kiss Justin.

"Not yet," Justin teased, "First I want to watch you undress." Mandy let out a small moan from being told what to do; she had never had a man boss her around in bed before. She slowly unzipped her dress and slid it off as her breasts spilled forward and she kneeled on the bed in her small thong. Justin's eyes watched her hungrily, and she hooked her fingers in her thong before sliding it down her skin to reveal her warm and welcoming pussy.

Justin groaned and his hand shot out for Mandy. He ran his fingers eagerly through her small tuft of pubic hair, tugging gently. Mandy's head rolled back with pleasure and she pushed her hips forward, hoping that Justin would touch her more. Justin scooted towards her and sat beneath her kneeling figure, as he brought his other hand to her, and gently spread her lips open. His fingers moved across her folds, exploring every inch of her, before rubbing his thumb against her swollen clit. Mandy moaned, her hands moving over her own breasts as she couldn't help but touch herself. She had never felt so in touch with her sexuality, or so open.

Justin slipped one finger inside her and Mandy moaned loudly. Justin worked his one finger in and out, making sure Mandy was good and wet before inserting a second finger, spreading her wider.
"Yes," Mandy groaned as Justin's fingers slid in and out of her, his pace steadily increasing. She could hear her wetness making slick noises, but she didn't care as Justin continued to finger-fuck her. Abruptly he stopped. Mandy cried out in protest.

"I'm not ready for you to come just yet," he said. "Undress me."
Mandy obeyed, and she undid his white shirt, sliding it off his arms, before moving onto his belt buckle. Mandy undid his pants effortlessly and Justin kicked them off, leaving him sitting on the bed in his boxers. Mandy took in how sculpted and firm his body was. It appeared that Justin did not have a single ounce of fat on his entire body. Mandy swooped down onto his chest, running her warm tongue along his sculp

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