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Bound By The Demon

A Novella by

Lucy reignites a passionate flame with her old theater professor while working on his new production. She's excited to feel sexy and desirable and to please a real man. During a rehearsal a jealous, and sexually vengeful demon emerges from the darkness and takes Lucy for himself. He shows her what it's like to be fucked out of this world.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

She continued her advance until they were inches apart. She'd forgotten what a big man he was. Standing, he had a good foot on her at least - and she was wearing heels. Knowing from experience that that bigness didn't stop at his height, Lucy felt a flutter of anticipation in her stomach. Of the men she'd been with since Rodger, none had compared in sheer size. She was anxious to experience that girth again first-hand (or mouth, or...).

Rodger cupped Lucy's chin in his mammoth hand and stared hard into her eyes. He glanced down at her left hand, where the engagement ring Aaron had given her glimmered on her finger. "You shouldn't be doing this," Rodger said, his voice thick with anticipation, "I'm not that kind of man."
"Says the teacher who fucked me as a student," Lucy said, laughing.
"I've changed since then," Rodger said, "I've matured."

Lucy could see that he had. His dark brown hair was shot through with strands of gray. The worry lines that would sometimes crease his forehead as he watched his acting students muddle their way through improvisation exercises had deepened into permanent ruts. But Lucy realized that she didn't care about any of it, any of the exterior nonsense. She only knew that she wanted Rodger. Perhaps she'd wanted him ever since he'd had her as a student.

"I've matured, too," Lucy said, laying a hand on Rodger's grizzled cheek, "I've learned all sorts of things."
"Really?" Rodger said, trying hard to keep the lust from his voice, "What kinds of things have you learned?"
"Well... I could explain," Lucy said, letting her fingers run through his salt-and-pepper hair, "Or I could show you."

Rodger didn't protest. She saw his jaw tighten as he realized the implications of her speech. Seeing how greatly turned on Rodger was, the speed with which she awoke in him a long-slumbering desire, Lucy began to see herself the way he saw her. She felt like she was nineteen years old again - full of potential and a real hunger for learning the ways of the world. She especially felt that hunger now, and knew that there was only one way she could satisfy it.

Lucy placed her hands squarely on Rodger's broad shoulders and pushed him back against the dressing room door. His breath came quicker, and she felt his body relax into her command. When she was his student, she was always the one obeying Rodger. In class and outside, her body was malleable in his hands. Now, she felt that control shift into her own body, and the rush of that authority stirred in her something that had been locked up for years. Standing there with Rodger, in the dark, musty dressing room, she felt sexier than she ever had before.

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