book cover of The Beast\'s Breeding Chamber

The Beast's Breeding Chamber

(A book in the Overlord's Depraved Tales series)
A Novella by

An impulsive decision to take a last minute trip to Romania proves to be detrimental for Emily when she finds herself in the clutches of The Overlord. She's subjected to ruthless sexual degradation all for the pleasure of this sadistic "Master". Emily blames her actions on the alcohol at first, but it wears of quickly and she finds herself getting in touch with her inner sexual deviant, pleasing The Overlord by pleasing his monster horde.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

He licked at Emily's nipple with his long, rough tongue. It had a sandpaper texture like a cat's tongue. Emily wiggled under its touch. He kissed around her breasts and then up to her neck. The fluffy hair on his face tickled her skin and she wiggled around once again. He licked his way to her ear and moved his tongue around the outside. If his mission was to make Emily squirm he was certainly doing a good job.

The creature continued to rub his hands all over her. Each part of her that he touched seemed to be a novelty to him. His fingers lingered over the strangest places: the inside of her elbow, the top of her clavicle, the side of her abdomen. Emily knew where it was all going to lead in the end, but the creature was certainly taking his time in getting there. Still, Emily couldn't say that it was unpleasant.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" It was The Overlord. Emily looked over to see his glowing eyes before he stepped forward into the meager light.

"He has a very soft touch," Emily said.

"In life he was a kind man. And though he now resembles a beast his inner nature has not changed. Would you like him to go further?"

The creature's hand moved softly along her stomach. "Yes, my lord."

"Very good," The Overlord said. He began to unlock each of her manacles. "I don't think you'll be needing these anymore."

With her arms and legs freed Emily was able to shift into a more comfortable position. She sat up on the edge of the slab, her legs straddling the creature. She moved her hands through his fur. She could feel the tight sinews of his muscles underneath. She held her hands on either side of his face and looked into his eyes. They were the eyes of a man, the one thing about him that had not been transformed by The Overlord. There was a tenderness in those eyes. This clearly wasn't just a case of animal lust. They stayed like that, looking at each other, exploring each other's bodies with their hands. Emily felt something press against the inside of her thigh.

She looked down to find that the creature had grown excited. Emily was thankful to find that this was the one part of him that wasn't covered with a thick coat of fur. It looked like a regular man's cock and was clearly the case of The Overlord showing mercy on him. Emily slid forward on the slab. As she did so, she pulled the creature in closer to her. His cock now bulged against the outer lips of her pussy.

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